Want To Get In IT Sector Enroll For MCA Lateral Entry Course

Many students want to get a job in the popular Information Technology sector. It’s one of the most versatile sectors in terms of jobs. You can get a job in this sector even if you don’t have a technological background. The Master of Computer Application course is the perfect course for IT aspirants in our country. There are numerous MCA lateral entry colleges present in our country that admit students directly into the second year of the postgraduate course.

This postgraduate degree course is completed in three years, however, you can complete the course in two years. It is possible if you take admission into the educational institutes that have the provision of lateral entry. It’s the new trend in our country where the students are directly admitted in the second year of the Master of Computer Application course.

The eligibility criteria for getting admission into the postgraduate degree course are graduation with maths in the senior secondary level of education. There is one thing that’s different from the eligibility criteria for the three-year course is the choice of degree required for admission. The students should have graduated with a degree in either the BCA or B.Sc. (IT/CS) course.

Only the students of the above-mentioned courses are eligible for admission. Furthermore, most of the top colleges and universities arrange entrance tests for admission. It ensures that only the deserving students get the admission right. Needless to say, the students will have to study mathematics subject to clear the entrance tests. The written tests will be tough, hence, the students are required to undergo a good preparation for clearing the entrance tests.

Want To Get In IT Sector Enroll For MCA Lateral Entry Course

After getting admission into the second year, the students will have to give the exams of the first year along with the exams of the second year. The Information Technology sector values the students of this course in equal terms with the students of the regular three-year course. You will get the same job opportunities just like the regular MCA students.

The course is perfect for the BCA or B.Sc. (IT/CS) students. They will not have to look for other courses or certification programs for gaining a better knowledge of various topics of the Information Technology sector. Although they can get a job in this sector after completing their undergraduate degree, however, they will only get the entry-level jobs.

They need a postgraduate degree to get a mid or high-level job in the Information Technology sector. It is only possible after taking admission into the prestigious MCA lateral entry institutes. You can also get job offers from abroad if you have completed the two-year postgraduate degree course from a reputed college or university with good marks. The opportunities manifold after studying this course.