ZOLL Defibrillator Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest? Sudden heart attack (SCA) just implies that the heart unexpectedly & suddenly stops pounding. This is generally brought on by an abnormal heart rhythm called ventricular fibrillation (VF). Is SCA the same as a cardiac arrest? No. A heart attack is a problem in which the blood supply to the heart muscle mass is suddenly obstructed, resulting in the fatality of the heart muscle. Cardiac arrest victims typically (however not constantly) experience breast pain and generally stay aware. Cardiovascular disease is serious and in some cases will result in SCA. However, SCA might take place individually from cardiovascular disease and without alerting signs. SCA results in fatality if not dealt with right away.

While the ordinary age of SCA sufferers is about 65, SCA is unpredictable and can strike any person, anywhere, anytime. What is VF? zoll VF is an unusual heart rhythm often seen in SCA. This rhythm is caused by an uncommon and really quick electric task in the heart. VF is disorderly and unorganized; the heart just quivers and cannot properly pump blood. VF will be short-lived and wore away to asystole (a level line) otherwise treated without delay.

How is VF treated?

The only effective treatment for VF is an electric shock called defibrillation. Defibrillation is an electric present applied to the breast. The electrical existing go through the heart with the objective of quiting the VF and offering a possibility for the heart’s regular electric system to take control. This existing assists the heart restructure the electric activity so it can pump blood again. A computerized outside defibrillator (AED) can defibrillate the heart.

ZOLL Defibrillator Frequently Asked Questions

What is an AED? An AED is a device that examines supplies a shock if needed. Will I harm the victim by using an AED? When utilized on people that are unresponsive and not breathing, the AED is exceptionally secure. target’s heart rhythm, and will just defibrillate a shockable rhythm. Suppose I fail to remember the actions for using an AED? The steps for stunning an SCA target are straightforward and uncomplicated. The AED Plus supplies visual and audio prompts required for the entire resuscitation process. One of the most difficult components is recognizing the need for defibrillation